Crystal Light

Gurasu Crystal Look Book released – Here are a couple of double page spreads from an enjoyable commission of mine where I both styled and photographed the shots. Based on my past experience as an Editorial Art Editor I was further commission to design the publication through to its final production. I am always happy to combine these two professional […]

Print Sales… watch this space!

Every now and then people ask if I ever sell prints of my work. As I have promised myself to start working on new personal work before the end of this year I thought it was also a good time to finally set up a place on my site where prints of my images can be bought. Initially, 12″ […]

Belgium Bound

Very excited to be heading off on a 3-day shoot to Antwerp at the end of this week as I loved visiting it as part of my Rough Guides book commission last year to traverse the whole of Belgium. So, as a warm up to the trip I sifted through some of the images I […]

Photographing food on location

On many of my travel & location lifestyle commissions I get to shoot some wonderful chef creations. Understanding how to work the natural light, and styling on the spot is a great asset. My background previously as an Art Editor has served me very well when sent off on a commission alone, never knowing what […]