Crystal Light

August 8, 2016 at 4:53 pm

Gurasu Crystal Look Book released – Here are a couple of double page spreads from an enjoyable commission of mine where I both styled and photographed the shots. Based on my past experience as an Editorial Art Editor I was further commission to design the publication through to its final production. I am always happy to combine these two professional skills I have. Prior to HE Post Graduate study in Photography at Central St Martins I worked as a freelance Art editor on magazines such as BBC Homes & Antiques, Vogue Living, Swarovski and various contract publications amongst others, with a particular interest in interiors. This has always helped me with an eye to do some styling on the hoof when I am alone shooting out on locations to make things look better and sensitive to the style of what publication the images will appear in. With Gurasu together we discussed ideas, and then sourced the setting and props needed for the day’s shoot.